Wholesale Fresh Cut flowers And Fillers

The flowers are produced at controlled climatic conditions in green house with modern techniques. Wide range of flowers like Roses, lillium, Chrysanthemum, Gerbera, Asparagus, Heliconia etc. to choose, our customers would never be disappointed.

Special facilities and methodologies are developed for growing crops like Lilium, chrysanthemum year round alongwith roses, gerberas and other cut fillers. Currently project consists 6 ha. Under Greenhouse cultivation soon would be adding up another 4 ha.


Complete post harvest chain facility enables to keep flower fresh till customer destination.

In post harvest care we use specialised harvesting solutions till final processing to avoid spoilage of flowers due to bacterial and fungal growth. Harvesting solution helps to develop good colour formation as well as good flower opening with long vase life.

Our post harvest setup includes Pre-cooling and storage facility of 1500 sq. Ft. at 2-4 degree Celsius in digitally control cold storages. 3000 sq. Ft of processing area attached to cold storage consisting different post harvest equipments including semiautomatic grading machine etc.

Refer delivery vans are used to maintain cool chain till delivery up to transport destination. For domestic customers we have train and air agent who has lease cold storage and booking facility specially made for perishable.

Champali Garden Pvt. Ltd. is located 60 Kms from Mumbai air port and railway stations and 90 from Pune airport and railway stations. We can reach within two hours times from our farm to World connecting transport destination facilitating to despatch flowers in any part of India as well as globe.

Make to Order-

We are year round producer of cut flowers and produce 7.0 million flowers per annum and our expansion work will take our capacity to 14.0 million flowers soon. For export buyers we do produce specific varieties and quantity of their choice for various occasions. We export Roses, Oriental lilies, chrysanthemum to Japan, UK, France, Russia and middle East countries. Our varieties are from Worlds top breeders.

We can produce crop on order with their define specification and time schedule e.g. White lilies for Easter, Red roses for valentines etc.

Customised Bunching:

Customised bunching with specific packaging is also provided as per customer’s requirement. In rose staggered, level head bunching in 20 stem, 10 stem, 12 stem wrapping can be done with option of two colours or three colours combination. Mix colour bunching is also available in Gerbera, Lilium and Chrysanthemum also.

 Customised packing:

For our Japanese customers we do provide customised packing  of roses which includes four or five colours roses in one box with define quantity per colours like red, Yellow, white, Pink & Orange. We are ready to make such customised packing for all the available flowers as per requirement.

For trade enquiry please contact us at info@champaligarden.com

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