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For a vibrant, energising environment

No matter where we are – at home, the office, a restaurant or a social gathering – a colourful, reinvigorating atmosphere can add wonders to our sense of well being.

Indeed, the aesthetic quality of our surroundings has a huge influence on our emotions and our productivity. The key challenge is to ensure that one uses the right elements to enrich the space around us.

Studies have revealed that something as simple as adding fresh flowers to our environment can enhance moods − and stimulate healthier interactions, on-the-job creativity and productivity. Flowers have an energizing effect on people at work, and can help evolve the work atmosphere.

Without doubt, floral arrangements and displays at your work place offer a professional and elegant ambiance.

At Champali Gardens, we present you with a refreshing opportunity to breathe a new lease of life into your office, reception area, or boardroom. Be it our collection of fresh flowers delivered directly to your premises or our elegant floral arrangements:  we can add immense value to your interiors by creating a soothing environment and enrich the overall experience of your workplace.

Institutional clients like hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, clubs and hospitals can choose from a range of floral arrangements that have been creatively designed to meet their discerning requirements. We undertake flower supply contracts, flower arrangements and event decoration contracts for various events.

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